Monday, July 2, 2012

So, do you like stuff? (AM)

People, I'm just going to get straight in to it today.
This post is about how I want my house to look really super cute and be full of super nice stuff, but  because I struggle to commit to making any major home decoration decisions, I just focus my wanting stuff energies on a bunch of small things I really don't need.

The only home improvement thing I have done since moving in to Chez K last July is put a wallpaper sample on my bedroom wall, as evidenced by the above picture of Niecey capering about on my bed. (Before we go on,  does anybody else find those little socked feet and those indentations her tiny feet have made in the bedclothes MEGA ADORABLE? I do too!)

But back on topic. The reason there is only a wallpaper sample on my wall, and not any wallpaper, is because I seriously struggle to make big decorating decisions. What if I spend heaps of money on something that doesn't even look that good, but I am forced to live with because I spent all that money on it? It could totally happen, and its something I worry to the point that it prevents me from following through. I know what the Spanish grandmother of Tara Morice's character in Strictly Ballroom would say about this. She would say "A life lived in fear is a life half lived" and she would be totally right!

But the small stuff, guys. The small stuff. Just as the world says, I really don't sweat the small stuff, I openly covet it and feel totally fine about doing so. Today, I'm going to show you a bunch of these smaller things that I want to buy for my house right now!

Lets begin with this throw.

You can buy it from Safari living for a tidy $470 if you like
Isn't it nice? I think it is nice and pretty and I want it.

I also want this cushion.

You can buy this one for 70 pounds from the Donna Wilson webbie.  
What's that, internet? You say 70 pounds is equivalent to  $110 AUDs? Gee, Thats better than I thought it would be, but it's still a lot for a cushion. Right? Right guys? No one should spend that much on a cushion, should they?

I want one of these planters too.

Aren't they nice? You can get them from Mr Kitly. 

Actually, this is something I may actually buy, because I love an indoor plant and I think that one hanging down over my staircase would look super cute.

Here's a trivet I want. Hey, do you think the sentence "Here's a trivet I want" is the dumbest one ever uttered on Miss Soft Crab?  It's definitely up there.
That pot looks really comfortable. The trivet is from RK Design. 

But it must be said, trivets are actually very handy.

Another thing I want is this really nice basket from Husk to put my dirty clothes in, replacing the blue bucket I currently use. But the Husk website wouldn't load for me, so I can't show you guys the picture. Just imagine a very expensive, but very tasteful basket.

That's all for now. I wonder what J wants for her house?! Lets meet back here at about 12:30pm and find out. Until then, crab friends!


  1. Replies
    1. A trivet is the thing you put a hot pot/plate on to protect the table. I'm pretty sure K is the only person in the world that uses that word in the wild.

  2. Hey K, macrame is easy and fun. With macrame you can have those plant things for free. I went to a two hour macrame course hosted by g-force which was very educational. If I remember anything about how it works I'll let you know.


    1. I love those macrame hanging pots too! Let's do a session!

      FREE K-STEW!