Monday, July 2, 2012

So, do you like stuff? (PM)


But happily for me I have been house sitting other people's houses for the last month and a half and as a result I don't covet stuff for myself as much because I am not at home thinking about how I can make my space nicer. Also, I just wish I could find regular stuff in these houses. The other day I had to roll out pizza with a large jar. Do you know how hard it is to find a jar appropriate for rolling? Where is the effing rolling pin?

Usually, though, I am just coveting the shit out of homewares.

You know another thing that is distracting me from my usual homewares coveting is that I have an idea for rearranging my place when we get back home which is even better than buying new stuff! Free AND it makes you feel like you are in a new space.

But of course there are always things I kind of want.

Beautiful bedding.

Ralph Lauren, you sure know how to work navy.

Enamel cookware.

Want that

A large pot big enough for chutneys.

Thanks, Mate, now I'm just thinking about all the stuff I want.

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