Monday, July 16, 2012

Get well soon, everybody! (PM)

Oh, sure, I've seen those Bupa ads. I guess Bupa stands for something. Stands for a pretty stupid name is what it stands for.

Every time I see those ads I spend the whole thing trying to figure out which one is the healthy person and which one is the sickly person. Sure, it's a little more obvious in that one you linked to, but in some where they focus on just one person there is so little difference I actually really can't tell.

Also, ummmm, I'm pretty sure it's bullshit. I don't have health insurance (I know it's really bad, I should get it. I will soon. I promise.) But I wholeheartedly think that if I did I would look exactly the same and be the exact same level of healthfulness. Maybe I'd look a little less cute because I would have less cash to spend on cosmetics and outfits. Yeah, eff you Bupa! Your ads are full of shit.

I would definitely still have the cold I have RIGHT NOW. How would you make that go away, Bupa? Huh? Could you give me my voice, which I have totally lost, back, Bupa? Would you buy me lozenges, Bupa?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

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