Monday, May 30, 2016

Cats are naturally pretty curious and alive (PM)

Well I'll be gosh darned. 
For once I have a totally different experience to talk about in the afternoon, instead of just reiterating what J said and then complaining about how tired I am. 
Here's the way the cookie crumbled for me. The other day I was listening to 774 which is something I sometimes do. Claire Bowditch does the early afternoon shift and it's quite listenable. She can be annoying, like when she overuses the word extraordinary. It's her favourite adjective and she deploys it the way millenials deploy the word 'amazing'. But I quite like being annoyed, so that is OK with me and therefore I listen to her show sometimes. Just quickly, it's also annoying when she interviews an actor who is currently in a play that your Appleheart has written and no one mentions the name of the playwright for the whole interview! What gives, Bowditch! Those words actors say don't write themselves goddamit! 
But that's a seperate issue. On this occasion, her guest was an American podcaster who was in town to speak at the Wheeler Centre. You guessed it readers: Starlee Kine. 
They talked about the her work on TAL and played a bit of her conversation with Phil Collins and also talked about The Mystery Show and episode about how tall Jake Gyllenhaal is. I figured I would listen as soon as KB went down for his nap. Then about an hour later I got this text from J:
 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I thought to myself. J was listening to 774 too, but J didn't want to wait for no nap time, J just got straight into it. Good for her! 
I was so sure this is what happened that I didn't even ask her whether she had just been listening to what I had just been listening to and then comment on that being a coinkydink. I didn't even bother! 

I was so sure that when I told Appleheart about the Jake Gyllenhaal episode of The Mystery Show and he asked where I had heard about it I said "774, then J listened to it right away and sent me the link."
But I was totally wrong! Ha! 

This is how the conversation wound up,BTW.

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