Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day (PM)

Mother's Day was not a big deal growing up in my house either. Sometimes we get our mum a present. Sometimes we don't. As grown ups we usually see her at least. Yesterday we went over and had a delicious lunch and played on Chickpea's new virtual reality headset so all in all we had a pretty great day. 

That's what Mother's Day is good for. I'll take any occasion to eat good food, spend time with loved ones and, ideally, ignore them while engaging in some VR. 

Likewise in my own home, Mother's Day, it's just a day. Oh, sure sometimes I might ask LB to go get me a coffee because it's Mother's Day, but he often does that anyway so it's really just a joke. Now that Baby is nearly 6 though he's well into Mother's Day. I guess they impress it upon him at school. It's pretty effing cute so I totally plan to enjoy it while it lasts. 

Yesterday he gave me a beautiful card with my portrait* on it and a message and a million exes and ohs. And he was super disappointed when he woke up to realise I was already up and making porridge and he couldn't give me breakfast in bed. He has this new found love for giving me breakfast in bed. He'll make a jam sandwich (the only thing he can make) and put it on a plate with a piece of fruit and wake me up with it. And although I'd rather be sleeping, this is a pretty effing sweet way to be woken up. Anyway, yesterday I told him porridge wasn't really in-bed food so he put all the couch cushions on the floor to make a bed and we ate porridge there. So, although I agree that Mother's Day is a bunch of bullshit, it's pretty flipping cute.

*Ok, guys, now I know K and I have always been really careful not to show our faces on this blog, but I think it's time for the big reveal. Ready?!?!

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