Monday, May 9, 2016

Mothers' Day (AM)

Yesterday was Mother's Day. Like I need to tell you guys. Social media was wall to wall with Mother's Day tributes. It's one of those days like that I've always thought is a bit silly, like valentines' day and the stupid public holiday for the horse race. My mum has never made a big deal out of it. She's a 'give me a card and a cuddle and that's all I need' kind of girl. Which, apart from the card, is her approach to every day. I guess the implication was that treating her kindly every day was more important than pampering her on Mother's Day . But now KB is here and I am fo shizle a mother myself. Accordingly, I spent about 3 seconds wondering whether my feelings about Mother's Day were different to my mother's. The culture certainly seems to think they should be. This notion of pampering the mother's is quite pervasive. During one of my trips to Northland last week I noticed that lots of shops had 'treat your mum!' displays in the window, often including bathrobes, which I think is very insensitive because who gets to sleep when they're a mother? Of course, the idea of being treated super special like is quite appealing. And now that KB is here I better understand how much work my mum and grandma did when we were growing up, and how much my pals have been doing for years now, and how they do so without complaining by and large. I think it's good and proper to acknowledge that, and to say that it's a super example and how I aspire to be myself.  But we have the reward of these babies that we love which has to be said, is pretty shit-hot and quite a bit better and more rewarding than a bathrobe. And more broadly, if a lady feels like she is working her guts out and needs a bit of acknowledgement, she should be able to get hers whatever day it is, not just wait for a special designated day. Ditto daddios. So I guess my Mother's Day personality is just like my mums. Happy 9th of May everyone!

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