Tuesday, February 19, 2013

These are the insights I have when I'm running (PM)

This is the view from my run this morning. My longest run yet!

It's true, the Misses Soft Crab are running our little hearts out (not literally I hope). Running our little butts off (a little bit literally would be fine).  And sometimes I have insights too. Mostly, though, I just have some random thoughts.

Insights include things like:

It is easier when I have a better posture!

Cee Lo Green makes great running music!

This New Stretchy Men's Chesty from Bonds that I am wearing is the perfect running top the way it is more sleeveless t-shirt than singlet!*

I don't think I'm going to run all the ks I was hoping to.

Don't think about running.

Running along the Elwood Canal is not like running along an Amsterdam canal. A thing I did one time but like to pretend I did a bunch of times.

Elwood canal. It's ok I guess.

Random thoughts include things like:

When will the...

So hot...


I love running...

I wonder how much money I have in the bank.

Running is hard!

*I run in this top often. It looks like this.

But I don't look exactly like that in it. Firstly, mine is navy of course, second that guy is way buffer than me, third, that guy is a guy, fourth the sex difference makes the top sit less singlet-like.The women's version is way more singletty and I wouldn't recommend it for running. At least not to K.

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