Tuesday, February 19, 2013

These are the insights I have when I'm running (AM)

Did you know that the Misses Soft Crab took up running recently? It's true. Actually, it's not entirely true. The J-Crab has been doing it on and off for years. But I have never done it before. So I guess what I mean to say is "Did you know that I took up running recently, but J has been doing it for ages?" The truth can be so boring.  
Anyway, we've both been running lately. 

It's true what they say about running making you feel like a million bucks. Obviously while I'm doing it I want to puke a lot of the time. But afterwards, and not long afterwards, I feel like a million bucks. And the feeling lasts and lasts. 
And sometimes during the run, I have some moments of clarity that lead to super insights. Like these things, which I thought about this morning:

Shoulders are really important for personal temperature regulation!*

To all the groups of friends walking three abreast on the Princes Park running track - don't!^ 

Dogs who let their tongues hang out the sides of their mouths when they are running look so goofy!#

The rest of the time I just want to puke. 

*I roll up the sleeves of my K t-shirt when I'm running. I expose those shoulders of mine like a hipsterish gentleman exposes his ankles. At first I rolled them up because I thought it made me look tough. Then I realised that when the sleeves fall down and that tiny little bit of t-shirt material covers my upper arms, I steam up like the glass on the front of a bain-marie. So now I think I should get a sleeveless k t-shirt. If anyone sees one, please email me. 

^I guess this isn't an insight, it's just something I think. Groups of friends walking abreast on a running track may be having a lovely conversation, but please, consider the runners. Do you know how hard it is to find the energy to speed up to overtake you guys? Its really hard. Please don't make me do it. 


Am I right?

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