Monday, February 11, 2013

My phoney life (PM) (or I suck big time)

Great photos mate. I especially love the explosive snake. Natch. But that Niagra Falls nonalcoholic water beer...get the hell out of here with that. 

So usually I do not like to admit my idiocy  or lack of preparation but frankly, this time I see no way around it. I only have iThings for my blogging and to upload photos you need a certain app and to download apps you need to be in a town with more than one bar of data access so sorry guys I got bubkas. If I was more prepared I could show you a really artful photo of Pickle I took through  streamers at a wedding on the weekend or the adorable country church said wedding took place in. I've got bush turkeys and XXXX signs and this morning I took a photo of World Wide Web and pickle and then a goant goanna! But you ain't seen nothing yet. And you ain't gonna. Sorry!

Also sorry about the fucked up font situation. I promise everything will be fixed by tomorrow. 

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