Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some things I need to catch you up on (AM)

Being overseas and away from all my people makes communication hard. I know it's 2014 and we have skype and email and all that great stuff which in many ways makes communicating very easy, and makes the world feel small. All that stuff is great. We can share all the important milestones no matter where in the world we are. But what about the unimportant milestones? The stuff that only warrants a very very small amount of attention, and would normally be conveyed during such mundane moments as when you're walking from the car to the place that you're going to hang out with your buddies? It's that stuff that's harder to share when you're not in the same space. 
Normally I would see J once a week or so and tell her about all the super important AND the super mundane things in my life. But somehow they don't seem appropriate to write in an email. A blog post on the other hand. That's a different story. 

So, here's some things I've been meaning to tell J. 

1. I saw Draco Malfoy's mother. 
Since I've been away I've had some exciting celebrity spotting moments, including Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, fashion designer and friend of GOOP Stelly McCartney and everyone's favourite tenn bad-boy Spike from Press Gang. But then the other night I went to see a play (Medea) and who should be in it but none other than Draco Malfoy's mother. It was rad.

2. Last weekend I hung out with a Sami.
Remember how you really dig on Lapland and the Sami people? Well last weekend I hung out with a lady who is half Sami! She is one of Appleheart's buddies and she comes from a place in far north Sweden. Last week, she came for a visit. She is very cool. Her uncle is a proper Sami reindeer herdsman, but only part time because for heaps of the year the reindeer are just off hanging out in the wilderness and there's not much for a Sami to do. So I think he does web design or something when he's not live la vida Sami. It's so cool. And she is one of those people who's not fazed by anything. She is calm and composed like a Swedish Paul Roos. 

3. No scrubs update. I love my no scrubs lifestyle. It's so much easier than scrub life. But much like scrub life, there are good hair days and bad ones. I'm pretty happy with the good ones but the bad ones really make me question what I'm doing. 
Here's where we're I'm at today. I quite like it. I'm sure to hate it tomorrow but today we are quite happy together. 

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