Thursday, July 10, 2014

No scrubs update (AM)

I'm a few weeks in to the No Scrubs experiment and shit is getting interesting.  Here is a reminder of what my hair looked like when last we spoke about it:

Frizzy. I think that's the word for it. 

Here's what's happening on my head right now...

Less frizz, right?! Right. A bit of curl, right?! Right. 
And in general, my hair feels a lot fuller and while it looks a lot more wild, it feels a lot more predictable and manageable. These are very good things. But I can't like to you Crabbies, I kind of miss washing my hair. I miss having it as an option if I want to look a bit nice. Not that it really worked that way in practice, but it felt like that's the way it worked and that perception was a powerful thing. 
At the moment, I spend half the time I designate to thinking about hair loving it and touching it. The other half I worry about how greasy it looks.  I've been told it doesn't look greasy at all, but it's on my mind. Literally! Ha. Not really. My mind is not on my scalp, that's crazy. 

I'm going to soldier on, of course. I'm considering trying 'washing' it in baking soda and conditioning it in apple cider vinegar, as the internet advocates for the No Scrubs set. But I wonder whether that will compromise the experiment. I don't know. I guess I'll wait and see. 

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