Monday, July 7, 2014

Long winded, then a request (PM)

Oh man! I wish so bad I had the time to bake scones today. I mean technically I guess I have the time but if Newbie goes to sleep and gives me some free time I have to clean the house because it's such a goddamn mess right now it's driving me mental!!!!

Great story, right, 'mother must clean house due to messiness'. I'm sorry guys. I'm really sorry. 

Mate, write a review of that apartment!  I know exactly how this goes, man. Something really annoying happens, you think "eff these guys". You think about writing the review, you don't. You regret it for longer than you should because you really wanted to eat some goddamn scones. I've been there a million times. Write that damn review! 

Also you could probably buy an oven tray for cheap. Maybe from an op shop. Or use a few layers of silver foil as a tray. Plates are usually oven-safe. 

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