Thursday, October 3, 2013

No thanks (AM)

I got an email from Kit cosmetics the other day telling me I could look like a Kardashian. In only 15 minutes no less! Ha! No thanks! 

This was the image at the top of the email:

Basically, this is what happened in my brain: 


Gee, you'd hate to be Khloe. And not just because she's the fat one. Also she has the worst nose job. Plus that stupid name. But maybe that other one that's not Kim is miserable. I don't even know her name. But maybe she likes it like that. Being a Kardashian would have to suck. Eww they're so gross. 

I don't understand this whole nude lip phenomenon. An understated lip, sure, but that look where you look literally lipless because your lipstick is the same colour as your foundation, WTF?!

And then my train of thought changed when I saw this:

I want to rub that gold on my face. I love gooooold. Oh, sure, I don't know that the Kardashians really glow. If they did  I doubt you could tell with all that other shit they wear on their face. Plus can a mask really give you a glow? Probably not but reality never stopped me buying beauty products before. But I could never bring myself to buy a product with the word Kardashian in it, could I? Could I. 

Luckily all I had to do was look at there stupid faces to know the answer. Still I can't help wonder about that gold goo.

Stupid Kardashians.

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