Monday, November 16, 2015

The to-do list (PM)

When I was a teenager I worked at an ice-cream shop in Elsternwick. Actually I worked there into my very early twenties. You can bet that summertime was crazy time at an ice-cream shop. Often when I think of summer, I think of this one Saturday in early summer when I worked the morning shift which finished at around 1PM. Something you may not realise about an ice-cream shop is that in summer it gets effing hot in there, the heat and movement and exhaust of all the freezers. So this one Saturday was really busy, serving scoops, writing on ice-cream cakes, stocking the freezers. By the end of the shift I was really hot and sticky and after work I drove straight to Brighton beach and went swimming in my underwear and probably a t-shirt and then I went home. It was the first beach swim of that summer and I just remember it feeling like truly the best thing, the only way, really, to welcome summer. But that was a different time, without babies and with a beach only 5 minutes away.

We can’t all be so lucky all the time. Still, I guess goingto Europe for a couple of months is pretty good. The summeriest thing I’ll probably get up to this week will be a trip to Fitzy pool. If I’m lucky.

K, you should definitely eat those icy poles on the hot days. Maybe even a Slurpee. Also, I suggest wearing some ultimate summer outfits during the week. The benefit of missing out on summer is that you can wear your reallyt great summer kits all week and then not get a) tired of them by the end of summer; or b) disappointed in yourself for not staying true to your summer fashion vision when after 3 months of hot-ass heat all your dressing is about just getting by and not dressing well. 

By god, this could be a week of perfect summer outfits, and therefore a summer of perfect outfits. Mate, don't mess it up!

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