Monday, November 16, 2015

The to do list (AM)

We leave for London on Sunday, which I'm sure you will agree is very soon. Taking a four month old baby overseas requires a fair bit of planning and organisation, so lately I've been doing a lot of planning and organisation.  I actually feel fairly on top of things. Or rather, I think I will after my mum comes over to help me today and tomorrow. She is an experienced adult and I'm pretty sure she's going to think of things that I'm not going to think of. 
So assuming  the essential things get taken care of, i'm now free to start a to do you list of those things that I would just like to do before we go. Given that we are going to be away for most of the summer, I would really quite like to do some things this week that will make me feel like I am not missing out on my favourite season. 

First things first: I would like to eat some quintessentially summery treats: a Frosty Fruit and a Calippo. Nothing says 'summer' to me like tomato and basil. But given that it's too early for the good summertime tomato and the good summertime basil, I have to turn to my attention to those second order summertime treats. For me, that's the delicious Frostt Fruit and the super refreshing Calippo. You can keep your magnums on your cornettos, make mine an icy pole any day. 

Second, I would like to have a barbie and drink beer in the afternoon sun. This requires no further explanation. 

Third, I would like to go for a swim in the beach and get proper beach hair. This is not likely to happen, because even though the weather is gonna be great this week the beach will still be effing cold. I may have to settle for a fringe trim. 

I think that's pretty much it really. Unless you guys think I have forgotten something? 

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