Monday, February 23, 2015

It's a wonderful night for Oscar (PM)

Well, you've heard K's thoughts on a bunch of movies she hasn't seen, I'm pretty sure you don't need to hear mine. I will say I would really like to see Birdman and Boyhood. But I haven't seen either. I'm not much interested in most of the other nominated films because I expect they would largely bore me. I don't know if it is that movies have gotten shit or that the reality of life after 35.5 years has numbed me to their effect but I can barely remember the last time a film really blew my mind, let alone made me blow my wad. I have actually seen The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was pretty good, but nothing was blown as a result. It was no Royal Tenenbaums. Me, I guess I'd like Boyhood to win too, just last night I was thinking about how I can't wait for Baby to be old enough to enjoy School of Rock and thinking about how Richard Linklater has made some really good films. And I spent so many minutes in my youth thinking about how cool it would be for a movie to be made the way Boyhood was, the same people over a long time. But, obviously I haven't seen it so who am I to say what should win.

Sure, I'll watch the Oscars. You know I love NPH. And I love a hunk. And a pretty dress.

I guess Oscar night is about hopes and dreams. (Or so I can imagine some idiot saying.) I have hopes and dreams. Hope that the presenter list will be full of hunks. Dreams that some day a movie will make me feel something again. And that one day someone will  look as beautiful as Michelle Williams did that year in the yellow dress. You know, like K said.

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