Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hot buns (PM)

Christ. I didn't know about the assless chaps. Not at all. And just like any talk of buns bringing Tai's words about buns not feeling nothing like steel to mind, those chaps make me think about a line from another film I liked a lot as a kid, "I've seen enough to know I've seen too much". 
That line is from A Leage of Their Own, a  film that harks back to a simpler time. A time when women had to wait until there was a world war going on to play baseball at a professional level, but where shape wear didn't have holes for butt cheeks. You can bet your bare ass on that. I'm afraid that I have worn shape wear once or twice in my life. But not for my butt. I'm not crazy-assed. And the reason I've only worn it once or twice is because it doesn't get rid of unsightly bulges, it just sends them in another direction. Forget that. On a related note, j spent a lot of time looking at my buns in the lululemon change rooms last night. They have mirrors everywhere in those change rooms and you can see yourself from every angle under the sun. Again, I've seen enough to know I've seen too much. Not because I have a problem with my buns. Just because I like to keep some body parts a mystery.  


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