Monday, February 23, 2015

It's a wonderful night for Oscar (AM)

Apparently the Oscars are on tonight. Who knew? There was a time when I used to heavily anticipate Oscar night. Not any more. I guess I'm just to old for that shit, as Danny Glover would say, though I've never actually seen Lethal Weapon. Back then,  I would most likely have seen all the movies and know who was likely to win based on previous awards ceremony results. Now, I barely even know what's nominated, and I'm sure I've seen very few of the films that are nominated. But heck, that shouldn't stop me from adding my $0.02, right?

Ok, let's go over the best picture nominees.
The Imitation Game. That's the one about the enigma code, right? I wanted to see that, mainly because I have never seen a film about the enigma code, nor read a book about it, nor have The Simpsons ever done an episode on it so I don't know the details of the story. Appleheart would roll his eyes whenever I mentioned it which kind of made me want to see it more, as a joke. But I didn't. So I don't know if it's good. So I guess it won't win?

Next, The Theory of Everything. That's the one about Stephen Hawking. I am sure it's an incredible story of triumph over adversity, and love,  but it looked kind of boring to me so I don't really want to see it and I don't really want it to win. Sorry.

Apparently Selma is the third film nominated. That's the one about Martin Luther King. Look, Americans know how to make you feel a lot of feelings in the cinema, so I'm pretty sure I would feel a lot of feelings if I saw it. But I haven't seen it. And I probably won't. But I do want to know why it's called Selma.

Oh, American Sniper is nominated. That's the one with Bradley Cooper and the fake baby, that Clint Eastwood directed. Haven't seen it. Mainly because of Bradley Cooper, Clint Eastwood and a very low level of interest. It might win something I guess. People love Clint, and he's no spring chicken anymore.  But I don't think it will.

The Grand Budapest Hotel. Look, I've enjoyed many a Wes Anderson film in my day. But lately, I've grown tired of them. And so I never saw this one. Which I kind of regret now, because people said it was really good. I guess I'll get around to seeing it. But I'm not in a massive rush. It might win I guess. People were pretty impressed with it. I'm shrugging my shoulders and moving on.

Boyhood. Now that's a film I really did want to see, fully intended to see, and felt really bummed out when I missed out on seeing it. I like Patricia Arquette. I like the concept. I like watching Ethan Hawke on screen these days, and feeling a little grossed out by him and feeling slightly bemused by that reaction. This movie sounds like it could be a really good movie and even though I haven't seen it, I think I want it to win.

Whiplash. What the heck is Whiplash? Wait, I have to google it. Oh, actually, I have heard of it. It's that movie about the jazz drummer. But that's all I know about it. Has anyone seen it? Is it meant to be good?  Well, maybe it's good. Hopefully it is. But I don't want it to win because of Boyhood.

Finally, Birdman. I've actually seen this. And I really liked it! Edward Norton really should work more. And even though my feelings for Christian Bale are well documented, and I am of the very firm view that he is the best Batman, a part of me still thinks that only Michael Keaton is the only real Batman. But, I have to say, I still want Boyhood, a film I have never seen, to win.

I don't really know what that says about things, but there you have it.

In all honesty, I mostly want someone to wear a dress as beautiful and memorable as the yellow Michelle Williams dress. And I want to be excited about the movies and the oscars again. But mostly, it's about the dress.

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