Thursday, November 13, 2014

Recent purchases (PM)

Congratulations on buying a house, Mate. So adult! Also that Aesop moisturiser really is the bomb, I'm all out and really need to get me some of that. And I love those bathers! I've been coveting them too, but given I just bought bathers for literally a tenth of the cost (OK, literally a ninth of the cost) I have been forcing myself to turn a blind a eye to their awesomeness. But kudos for acquiring that awesomeness, Mate.

Anyway, I'm glad you brought this up, Mate, because I myself made a life-affirming purchase this week. Two in fact. I replaced my two pairs of ripped-knee Dejour jeans with two new pairs of unripped Dejour jeans. 

Of course most readers know Dejour. On Tuesday after I'd been there I went to visit my friend L-Bomb, she's recently returned home from six years in London with her English husband. When I asked her how he liked living in Melbourne she told me he'd recently initiated an outing saying, "There is a place called Brunswick and there is a jeans shop there. I'd like to go there to buy jeans." Dejour! The jeans are made in-store all cost around 50 bucks, are super flattering and are altered to fit perfectly. It is always crowded as all git out and pretty small so is kind of annoying but I knew I wanted a black pair and a blue pair so I went at 9:30, straight after dropping Baby at kinder and right when they opened, I marched in tried on jeans got them marked up paid my $100 left to do a quick supermarket shop and returned 30 mins later to pick up my perfectly fitting jeans. Oh my God you guys, you know how I've been all "I don't know what to do about my clothes!"? It was just a jeans situation, I wore those blue jeans on Tuesday and felt like myself again. It's like everything old was new! VIVE LE JEANS!!!

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