Monday, November 17, 2014

Fairy tale bullshit (PM)

I haven't read any fairytales lately and there's no way I'm going to now. Like we need more greed and douchyness in our lives! 

I do, however, need to see Frozen as a matter of priority. Niecey loves it with all her heart and as I think I've said before, if I want to relate to her I need to know more about Elsa and Anna and now this Christophe chap that J mentioned. The other day I was hanging out with Niecey and Little Nut and things were pretty chaotic as usual. At some point I referred to the fact that Appleheart used to live in Norway and suddenly everything stopped and from across the room Neicey said "DOES HE KNOW ELSA??!!" and because I hadn't seen the movie I felt It wasn't a lie to say "I don't know". BUt I knew it was a lie. I just wanted to seem cool.
And here is a photo I took in Iceland which looks frozen lots of the time and probably has better fairy tales than we do. 

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