Monday, November 10, 2014

Adult Themes (AM)

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I like being an adult because most of the time it feels like being teenager, but with fewer hangups, and a better understanding of things like how to stay warm and how to work with what you've got vis a vis your own hair. That's what it's like most of the time, but obviously not all of the time. It can't be denied that there are some distinctly adult responsibilities that come with being an adult, and when those pop up I often feel like I'm ill-equipped to deal with them. Not unable to deal with them, mind. Just ill-equipped. It's like sometimes my adult life throws me an experience that makes me feel like it's one of those days when its's nice and warm in the sun, but quite chilly in the shade and I've left the house without a jacket or a jumper. You know, ill-equipped.

Right now, Appleheart and I are looking for a place of our own to buy. It's a very exciting thing to be doing, natch. Not that long ago I spent a good part of each day thinking things like "gosh, I hope Appleheart likes me". Now I am thinking things like "gosh, would my copy of the Cooks Companion look good alongside Appleheart's copy of the Cooks Companion in this place?". It doesn't get much more exciting than that, really. But it's very adult. The kind of very adult thing that make me feel like I'm caught outside without a jumper in Melbourne in SPRING. It's not parental guidance recommended. It's not MA15+. It's dead set AO.

There are lots of adult dimensions to this thing, but the thing that I'm struggling with the most is thinking long term. You know, like whether one should get a place that one can "grow into" even though to be affordable, such a place would be miles away from everyone and everything. Would I feel isolated and cut off in such a place and long to be closer to things? Right now it takes me 3 minutes to walk to the gym, 2 minutes to walk to the station and 5 minutes to walk to Barkly Square. And 25 minutes to get to work, door to pod. That is some pretty tidy amenity. But is it essential? Or is it just good to have? Because to buy something even a quarter as good as that would mean a teeny tiny place. Probably on a busy street. And probably with a funny smell to it. And that's not cool. So maybe I should prioritise space over amenity but then there's the isolation and stuff and well there I am back at square one again. You see what I mean? Such an adult scenario.

I'm not looking for answers. In fact, I know this is something Appleheart and I have to sort out for ourselves, which is another of it's super adulty dimensions. I guess I'm just feeling a lot like an ill-equipped adult at the moment and I thought I'd tell you guys about it. Believe me, I would rather be talking about hunks or something, but with this infernal hunk drought I can't even do that.

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