Monday, September 1, 2014

Scotch Highlights (AM)

It's true what people say: Edinburgh is really beautiful. The kind of place you don't need to be in long before it charms you. Winding streets. Beautiful old buildings. Bridges and staircases and Scottish accents galore. It's a real peach. 

I arrived last Sunday, and started at the office the following day, so hadn't seen much apart from the old town. I spent the weekend exploring. 

Saturday, I walked up Arthur's Seat, which pokes it's head over Edinburgh and sits right on the edge of the city. 

It was a beautiful day and every man and his dog had the same idea. Still, it was very lovely.
Here's me and heather 

On a side note, someone used the phrase "I don't think this idea is going to set the heather ablaze" in a meeting last week, and I guffawed. Quietly, though.

I went to a farmers market yesterday too and bought all sorts of goodies like smoked haddock and venison burgers and Scottish cheese. After the walk I felt quite justified eating most of that stuff, so you won't get any pictures of that I'm afraid. 
Nor will you get any pictures of my Sunday morning, which I spent at H&M returning a hat I bought during an ill advised stop off on the walk home after Friday night drinks. You don't need to see that. 
But you might like to see this! 
A jumper I want so bad it hurts but probably won't get because it's Kenzo and therefore very expensive. 

 Dare to dream.

Sunday afternoon I spent walking to Leith, which is by Edinburgh's waterfront and somewhere people said was nice to walk to. They were right, it was nice to walk to, but not because Leith is particularly nice. Because you pass places like this on the way. 

Feelin' dubious.



The day ended on a sad note when I passed this place, named after Bette Midler's character in Beaches (obviously) and felt a little lonely. Just because of how much Pickle loves Beaches and Bette Midler and I miss Pickle and everyone else. Not because it's a film about friendship. No way. 

But I'll be home in a month, so what am I talking about anyway! 

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