Monday, September 8, 2014

Hour of shower (AM)

The other night I had an hour of shower. It was rad. Rad! I didn't shower for that whole hour. I'm not an animal. I showered - washed my hair, exfoliated body and face - then I turned off the shower and sat in the bath with a face mask on. Then I showered everything off me and got out. And THEN I moisturised my body, put four beauty products on my face and blow dried my hair. I went in at 10pm after The Movie Show, which is technically called At the Movies, finished and then I got into bed at 11. 

In my fantasy world I do this regularly. But let me make it completely clear that my fantasy world is a fantasy and not reality at all. In my fantasy world I probably have an hour of shower where I perform all the additional grooming tasks at least once a week. And naturally I'd look good and feel great as a result. I know most normal people don't do face masks and exfoliating and body moisturising regularly but I want to. Though I never have. I do s prolonged grooming session about once every six months maybe. I think how nice it is and how I'd love to do it regularly. You know. What I just said. I think it's what called a vicious cycle. 

This ultra grooming fantasy exists in the same fantasy world in which I wake up an hour before everyone in my house and do exercise. But it's a different fantasy world to the one where I win Tattslotto. Or get a really great, satisfying, well-paid job. Which may exist in the Tattslotto fantasy world. What can I say, I've got a rich inner life. 

I'd consider adding hour of shower to my spring resolutions but I feel conflicted about prioritising grooming to that extent. As if 41 posts bearing the 'grooming' tag isn't testimony enough to my vanity. God, when did showers become so complicated?!

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