Thursday, September 4, 2014

No scrubs update (PM)

I know that a photo of hair does not necessarily give you the whole picture, so to speak, but from what I can see no scrubs is working out pretty well. Your hair looks good in the pictures, Mate, and it's starting to make me long for a no scrubs lifestyle. 

You ask if I've got any ideas to make the under layer look less greasy, sadly the answer is no. I'm learning I have a terrible memory. Just awful. From my no scrubs days I remember that my hair was quite good most of the time and fairly predictable and I loved those things. But I barely remember the specifics of what my hair was like in those days, let alone how I dealt with no scrubs issues. I wish I could remember more because, like I said, no scrubs is really talking to me now on one level. That level being that my hair is just awful right now. 

On top of the problems of just having awful hair, these are added: 
I've just lost all that extra pregnancy hair and my hair is so thin and manky because of it. 
My hair is totally shoulder length and because of the natural curl my shoulders just push the hair up in an awful way making it look shorter and stupider than even it should. 
I want to grow my hair, indeed I am growing it, but keep thinking about getting a haircut just to add some shape and body but I've been burned too many times by did haircuts. 

So I keep wondering if I should stop washing my hair. On the plus side Newbie isn't spewing on me as often now so perhaps I could do it. But what about chlorine? Sand? What happens when that stuff gets in my hair? I wish I had a better memory. 

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