Friday, September 19, 2014

Referendum day is here at last (PM)

A few nights ago I heard a Scotsman  on the radio spruiking the "no" campaign. He was making the usual arguments, like it may result in economic problems and that the "yes" campaigners were talking up all the problems associated with GB, blowing them out of proportion, that a yes vote wasn't the change Scotland needed, it wasn't thought out, it wouldn't resolve the problems. First I kind of thought, "well these seem like reasonable arguments" but by the end of it I pretty much thought he sounded like a desperate conservative douche just as I'd expected. But then I thought maybe I thought that because I expected to think that. You know, my political leanings didn't allow me to really be open to the no campaign. Yada, yada, yada I don't know what would be better for Scotland but I know I'd have voted yes, no mibbes about it. 

It's official now though, the Scots have decided naw, they shouldn't have an independent country. It seems weird to me that a person could vote against such a thing, but like I said what do I know? I just hope they're still delighted to be united. 

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