Thursday, September 19, 2013

Revelations (AM)

This week I bought "boyfriend" jeans. Ugh. I know. But I'll be honest, I've been thinking about it for some time. Two main things put me off:

1) I didn't know if I would look good in them.
   1a)How would I wear them? You know, like, with what?
2) They have that fucking stupid name.

But every time I'd see them I couldn't help but wonder. I was more than just a little curious. Especially as summer approaches. In winter there is little I love more than the snug cosy feel of a skinny jeans around my leg but with the warmer weather they are just restrictive, annoying. They can really ruin my day. Like when you really need to wee really badly but keep forgetting to go to the toilet and everything is the worst. That's how I feel when I am wearing skinny jeans in the heat. In my mind I'd written this long, detailed post about it late last year. Turns out it was just six lines. But the sentiment was strong. Sometimes I just gotta not wear skinnies. Anyway I did it. I effing did it.

Here I am walking down the street with my boyfriend as I wear my new boyfriend jeans*

I bet you have all sorts of questions. Like, "Wow J, do you look really cute in them? It's hard to tell from that action shot of you above." And "What are you wearing them with when you are not wearing them as you walk down the street with your boyfriend?" Oh well let me answer those questions by saying this:

No, I don't think I do look very cute int them. I can't tell and I don't care. These are the comfiest  effing things I have worn in about 10 years and I don't ever want to take them off. In fact today, I'm thinking about buying another pair because I don't want to wear anything else again ever. Their stupid name doesn't even offend me anymore. I don't even care how to pair them. Yesterday I wore them with a really baggy jumper and it was like wearing the clothes version of pyjamas. It's possible I even looked like I was wearing pyjamas. I don't even care. It was the best. I'm thinking about wearing a variation of it to work tomorrow. I don't even know who I am anymore! But I suspect I may be the 20-year old me that used to just buy men's jeans from op shops. Just somewhat more deaf and wrinkled.

*As played by Sarah Jessica Parker. LB is played by Matthew Broderick


  1. Wow, Matthew Broderick is no Ferris Bueller these days. At all.

  2. The other day I bought grey, light flannel, wide-leg slacks from k-mart and had exactly the same experience. Weird. I fondle them lovingly when I rifle through my wardrobe in the morning but a stern inner voice tells me, "No! I must wait until the weather is hot before I rock that shitty 90s look." I also acquired Sonic Youth and Pixies t-shirts in the same weekend. Did I already tell you what a crazy trip back in time that weekend was? I can't remember. I even drank a glass of beer DURING THE DAY!!!!!

    1. You didn't tell me about that day but it sounds like the best! I can't wait for this summer of nineties!!!!,