Monday, September 23, 2013

Home sweet home (PM)

Oh geez. I was not expecting, nor prepared to see K’s mother’s gallstones this morning. And I gotta say, I didn’t like it. But then I thought, hey, maybe gallstones aren’t as gross as I think they are. So I did a little research. And they are. They are essentially bile crystals. And while crystal is beautiful, bile is gross – you do the math. As anyone in any American TV show ever might say.

But you know what is great about K’s mum she is always making pots of coffee, which I love, so I can totally vouch for her excellent hostessing skills. And it’s not as if she left the gallstones by K’s bed or anything, they were tucked away in the privacy of her bathroom cupboard, a place we all know that even angels may fear to tread. I guess that is where fools rush in though, right?

Anyway, luckily I didn’t have to see any actual gallstones this weekend. But after K left on Saturday night I did have the pretty awful experience of watching the terrible movie Water For Elephants. I don’t know why, the TV had ended up on it and I just watched it for ages. But it was really bad. It was so bad that even though I watched it for ages by the time it was clearly coming to an end and R.Patz was about to do something that would surely result in the downfall of Witherspoon’s tyrannical husband and the union of R.Patz and Withers I just turned that shit off and went to my sweet, sweet bed.  Take that, stupid movie!

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