Monday, May 6, 2013

The New World (PM)

WHOAAAAA! WHOAAAA! A haiku competition! Does this competition have a limit of how many entries we can do?!!? Because we have a backlog of something like 400* haikus and at least a third of them have to be about food, right?

Here are some potential winners. From K:

Jerusalem artichoke
You look like ginger.
Just as wasabi looks quite
Like avocado.
But you're a tuber
And that is one of my most
Favourite plant words. 
The other one's named
After the whole globe! But you:
Just Jerusalem. 
Don't feel bad 'bout that
Jerusalem artichoke.
I dig on your taste.

Which is especially good because I did notice that the RN website said this: write a haiku about food and flowers. Really food and flowers? How about coffee, which is edible and from a plant?

From me:
Well hells yeah, coffee
You turn my frown upside down
An undying love
From K:
Single origin. 
Since when has that been a thing?
Get your hand off it.

 Or perhaps we should be using our vast haiku experience to write a new winning entry. All I know is that I would love to have a successful garden and I want that bible!

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