Monday, May 6, 2013

The New World (AM)

It's the first day of Miss Soft Crab's new two posts a day, two days a week world!
Change is hard so we hope you're all OK.
Also, we need your help with something so we can't afford for you guys to wallowing. Yes it's going to be weird for a while and you might have to find other things to devote the 10 seconds you used to devote to Miss Soft Crab towards but heck, you guys will be fine. We believe in you! Ok? Ok.

Now listen up.

Radio National is running an haiku competition! 

In case you can't be bothered following that link, just read on. Here's the lowdown:

RN First Bite, By Design and ABC Books have teamed up to give away five copies of the hard cover anniversary edition of Flora: The Gardener's Bible (valued at $150) and six copies of newly released Kitchen Table Memoirs: Shared Stories From Australian Writers (valued at $30). Just write a simplehaiku and yours could be read live on air! Tune in to RN First Bite and By Designbefore the competition closes to find out.

Um, does this competition have MISS SOFT CRAB written all over it or what?!
Also, does it have A PRIZE VALUED AT $30 IS NOT AS GOOD AS A PRIZE VALUED AT $150  written all over it too or what?!

Anyway, all you have to do is write an haiku about food or flowers and you're in. OR, go back over your archives and choose the best food/flower haikus from the TENS of haiku you've been writing every Thursday for AGES*.

But how to choose a favourite? It's not like looking for a diamond in the rough. It's like looking for a rough in A PILE OF DIAMONDS.

I've come up with a shortlist.

These recent food themed haiku by J:

Don't pretend to be
Something you are not, carob
You aren't chocolate

What are pieties?
Are they the gods of the pies?
I could worship them

These nature themed haiku:

If I was a bumblebee

I would shove my face
In every last rose I saw.
I would love the spring. 

I would take short breaks.
From collecting the pollen. 
I'd perch on a leaf. 

There, I'd close my eyes. 
Feel the sun on my wings and 
Dream about the queen. 

But both of these need to be read in a series...

These two stand alone though...the first by J

Bees collect pollen
Take it home to make honey
Those guys are awesome 

And the second is mine..

Biting in to you
Is like biting in to a

What do you guys think?

*(Why do I love caps so much at the moment? I don't know why but I DO!)

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  1. I think you could submit carob as a stand alone. And figs for sure. I think you should enter all of them though really, how hard is it?

    Hushaz x