Thursday, May 16, 2013

The nail tutorial (AM)

A while ago I had this nail polish concept I wanted to try out with a new dress. Well, I had a colour concept and wondered what I could do with it on my nails. Then I remembered that Frandonna had told me about this nail website she looks at and how she does great things on her nails. And I thought about how people are always telling me to watch beauty tutorials on YouTube. Putting that in writing I'm also wondering if they are trying to tell me something about my grooming habits, but let's leave that to another day. Anyway, these thoughts all lead me to one other thought: "Hells yeah, next time I have some Baby-free time that does not need to be filled with cleaning,  blogging, working or sleeping I'm going to learn how to do fancy nails!" Then I chastised myself for a while: "Gee J, why you so shallow, you gonna waste free time on your nails. You disgust me! Write, read, knit, do something productive!" So I put the nail idea out of my head and learnt neither how to do fancy nails nor spend time bettering myself.

And then, just the other day some free time came upon me. And I used it in a bunch of ways. I knitted, read, wrote and then, then I decided I could paint my nails. You see days before that I had been wearing some pink nail polish that had started flaking from the base of my nails and I thought, "Hey, this reverse moon phenomenon that is probably already passe may be onto something. This looks cute!" And so with this free time I decided to reverse moon my nails. First I was going to use two shades of pink, but after reading a tutorial "by" Heidi Klum I decided to go for navy and light green.

Let me give you a run down of how it works.

1. Paint light colour on nails two times. Wait half an hour.

2. Put semicircle sticker on bottom of nail paint dark colour on. Two times.

3. Wait 10 minutes. Remove stickers.

4. Woila!

Sounds simple right. Well, technically it is. But do you know how boring waiting half an hour is? Do you know what it's like when your baby waits up while you are trying some new shit with your nails? Somehow I managed to drop the polish brush and get navy nail polish everywhere. I've never done that before. I blame the fancy nails.

And. Do you know how long it takes four coats of nail polish to dry? From what I can tell, forever.

Sure, I could remove the stickers. And sure my nails did look pretty damn sweet, but every time my nails brushed or knocked a thing the polish smudged. In the end I had to remove it all. Well. I may not have finished the day with hot nails, but at least I gave it a shot, and now I know I don't have to waste time on nail polish tutorials any more. 

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