Monday, March 18, 2013

What an aesome way to live (AM)

Not actual hippo from Werribee Zoo

From what I can tell hippopotamuses are pretty cool. Yesterday I went to Werribee Zoo. It is a pretty cool zoo. You walk in and there, right in front of you, is an expanse of green and some gorillas just chilling. They are in an enclosure but it is designed in this great way so they feel right there. We saw lions ripping cow ribs from a cardboard box, giraffes frolicking in the faux savanna, an ostrich stuck his head in the bus and we saw some hippopotamuses. Eventually.

When we went to the hippo enclosure you couldn't really see anything. And then these eyes bobbed above the water. Later a whole head.

Hippos are semi-aquatic, they can hold their breath under water for 6 minutes.They spend all day in the water to keep cool then get out when it cooled down to eat. While we were watching the water to see these awesome dudes pop their heads up the woman next me said to her companion, "It's a pretty stupid way to live, really." Um, what?! Oh lordy! It is this kind of statement that makes me hate strangers. And I don't want to hate anyone, strangers or acquaintances, and yet sometimes I have no choice. Thanks a lot lady. Way to ruin my day.

So being able to live on land, but also essentially live in water is stupid? If you ask me it would be the motherflipping best way to live. The only way you could improve on that is to add wings, but there ain't no way a hippo gonna fly. Have you seen the size of those things?! Imagine living like a hippo. Sure, they may not have all the mod cons that we enjoy but they have it pretty sweet. Enjoy a refreshing dip all day long. Plus they are huge and super territorial so they are tough. And they can run fast, up to 30 miles an hour.

Did I mention that the hippos we saw were completely submerged. Completely! It was awesome, these huge animals hiding underwater! Just chilling. Literally. (HA!) That stupid lady next to me is the one living the stupid way, what with all her stupidity.

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