Friday, March 8, 2013

Almost that time of the month (AM)

So last night K and I went out for a pretty nice dinner. We did it for you guys. For a new segment that will debut next Friday. But just so you know how an electronic pre-dinner conversation between the two of us may go, I have this for you. A little dialogue that took place Wednesday.

K: Hey girl. How's it going? I'm fine thanks. [Blah blah blah. I'm telling you guys, you are missing nothing by me ellipsising through this bit - J]...In other news, and in the grand tradition of me trying on clothes that belong to you thinking they will fit me but they never do, I have a favour to ask of you.
I was wondering whether you would let me try on the floral dress you wore to your 30th birthday with a view to potentially wearing it on Saturday night when I go to Hobart to see Appleheart's play.
No worries if not. But I thought I would ask.
J: Hey girl. [Blah, blah, blah, worthy ellipsis]...Of course I'd be happy to lend you that dress. But there is a problem. I'm at at the beach and coming straight up for dins tomozz. I actually have the dress with me because I planned to wear it to dinner. I'd swap it out for something else but I don't really have anything else appropriate to wear.
K: HAHAHA. That's a problem alright. But I have an idea. How about after dinner, on the way home, we go to the ladies bathrooms at The Windsor hotel and try on one another's dresses. It could potentially be an hilarious component of our post. We can take photos of one another and shit. I'll bring the other dress I'm thinking about wearing.Then, depending on the outcome of our assessment of what looks best, we could go home in one another's dresses! 
J: HAHA! YES! Let's try on each others dresses after dinner or, possibly more hilariously, during dinner finishing dinner in each others dresses. Yeah! 

I bet you guys can not wait until next week to see how this panned out!

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