Friday, March 22, 2013

I can see the future (PM)

I look exactly like my Mum too, so people say. Except she has had a Mum haircut and I have a regular haircut.
And now that you are shining a light on it, I guess I can't really deny the resemblance to my Dad. Stature-wise, more than anything. While Mum is little and spritely, Big K is what you might refer to as hulking and awkward and I'm certainly closer to that camp than I am the little and spritely camp. 

So I guess I have the face of my mother on the female version of the body of my father.  A true cross-breed. I hope my particular cross-breed will take off like the Labradoodle, who managed to make quite a go of it instead of one of those weird cross-breeds like a Pugalier, who just seem unhappy with what's been done to them. 

Why are people so unkind?
But when it comes to uniforms,  I am happy to say that I march to the beat of my own drum. Big K spends all his time in bowling whites and Mum wears sensible slacks and a freshly pressed colourful shirt every day. As if I could keep an all white outfit clean. And as if I would ever iron a shirt!

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