Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Things we're loving right now (AM)

You know how on some blogs, or in magazines back in the times when they were a thing, there is a post or a page called something like Things we're loving right now that showcases a bunch of products that the authors are loving fully sick? And often those things will be something like a $100 candle or $200 hat? And it will say something like
"We are OBSESSED with the new lip gloss from Wherever....the luscious texture and subtle shades...  it's a must-have for those lazy summer afternoons...at $50 a pop you'll want one in every colour!"
Yeah, I hate them too.
But this morning, in the shower, I was using the stuff I use in the shower and it smells so nice and makes my skin feel so nice that I felt compelled to write about how much I love it.

Here it is.

The Aesop geranium leaf body scrub. J put me on to it a while ago. It smells lovely and has little bits of pumice in it so it feels kind of rough when it goes on the skin. But kind of invigorating, like when you get your hair brushed at the hairdresser and they go a little bit hard, but once they get all the knots out you think "yes, this is good for me". It feels like that. And afterwards your skin feels as soft as marshmallow.
But really it's the smell that really does it. Somehow light and fresh and deep and musky at the same time. Who knew that a nuff nuff flower like the Geranium would have a leaf that if put through what I can only assume is some pretty intensive processing, would smell this great.

Nuff Nuff geraniums in a pot. 
This guy? You think this guy knew? There's no way. No one knew! But it does, and now Aesop package that stuff up in to pleasantly shaped and styled vessels and I for one am very glad about that.

So that's the thing I'm loving right now. And I'm sure this goes without saying, but this is absolutely not a paid advertisement.  Are you kidding? I would love Aesop to pay Miss Soft Crab to use their products. Instead, we pay them. I'm just telling you because I really do love this stuff. And when I back it up with the geranium leaf moisturiser, I basically feel like I'm on top of life, and maybe living the kind of life that belongs in a magazine.

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