Monday, December 17, 2012

Things I am going to do on my summer holidays (AM)

Who's got two pincers and a high level of excitement about the summer holidays?

This crab.

Of course I actually mean this crab:
Those are thumbs, not pincers.
That's right readers, it's almost time for the annual Miss Soft Crab hiatus -  where J and I go back to emailing/texting one another everything we want to say instead of writing it here - and we're excited! This will be our last week of regular programming for the year, but I don't want you to worry your pretty little heads for a moment, because we'll be back in late January feeling nice and refreshed and like we've just had a summer holiday because we will have just had a summer holiday.

As I shuffle towards the end of the year, I keep thinking about things I'm going to do this summer. I'm a simple girl, with simple holiday desires to match. Here's what I fancy doing first.

Swim. I am going to swim so damn much. Poolside. Bayside. Oceanside. I'm going to be by all those sides. I'm going to take a towel and bathers everywhere I go in case there are any opportunities for a dip. I'm going to have wet hair and salty skin all the time. I am going to swim so much I will get sick of licking the salt off my skin, which has never happened before.

Cook. I am going to cook a bunch of things I have been thinking about, but haven't got around to yet. Including this pie.
And something J and I talked about the other day, which we've given the working title Gado Gado Chiko Roll because it is a chiko roll only with gado gado inside it instead of chiko.

Get around like this.
Both because I am learning to ride a pushbike and because I love a bit of pants free, though I doubt I'll combine the two. And I would wear a helmet. And I will certainly look less carefree than this lady from The Sartorialist, because learning to ride a pushbike is hard and undignified.
But goodness me it's fun.

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