Monday, December 3, 2012

There's this great new show (PM)

You know I haven't really watched The Sopranos before either. I watched one episode with Pickle once. But in that episode I think Tony Soprano went to the old country which makes me confuse it with The Godfather. You know, when Michael goes to the old country? Let alone the flash backs in TGFPII. Do those things even happen? I love mafia movies but i just am not across The Godfather.

Anyway, I really need a new show to watch. I can't just sit around not watching anything for the next few months until the final season of Breaking Bad starts while Aaron Paul tweets pictures of scripts that look like this:

Perhaps The Sopranos is the show for me? They say Homeland is good. It's time for me to diversify. Yeah, diversify bitch!

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