Thursday, July 14, 2016

The promised land (AM)

Right now it's the middle of winter, as I'm sure most of you are well aware. This means, presumably for everyone, at best dressing as well as you can when you just want to be as warm as you can. Which can mean dressing pretty badly sometimes. Desperately. For me it also means I'm in a 3/4-length puffer most of the time, so who even cares. Except I do care. A further confounding factor is that I'm 6.5 months pregnant which means I'm very uncomfortable and can't fit into most of my clothes. So looking good and feeling good is not really an option for me.

Furthermore I had a haircut about a month or so ago and though I was and am perfectly happy with it, I feel like I need to shake things up and make a substantial change. Don't worry, if you've been enjoying the sweet relief of this blog sans hair complaints I'm not going to ruin if for you. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying I'm contemplating some future options for my hair. Including:


And I plan to make this change just before I have the baby, which will be in spring.

We all know how much I make of the colder seasons, my love of autumn fashions and doonas, but there is nothing like a winter pregnancy wardrobe and blah hair to make the arrival of spring seem so full of promise.

My projected late-October self is dressed so well with such great hair. I'm reasonably slim and look younger. Even though the real late-October me will not just be 3 months older but a whole other child older too. And no doubt tireder. I will probably be at home as much as I am now, without the incentive to dress nice and with the added disincentives of being frequently covered in baby vomit and excess milk spilling from my bosom. But though I know all this in my head my heart still envisages a beautiful me, dressed however I want, but always really well. Probably laughing and looking casually, comfortably glamorous. God, I can't wait to be late-October me. 

*These images are both lifted from The Sartorialist, to whom I am very grateful for taking such great pics of great hair.

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