Monday, July 4, 2016

Post-election reflections (PM)

I voted late on Saturday. I was at a polling booth for half the day How to Vote cards so I waited until 5PM when the queue was super short and I had to be standing around anyway so then I just did my standing around in the queue instead.

The polling booth where I was stationed didn't even have a sausage sizzle. But I', vegetarian so I mainly feel bitter when I see them anyway. Could have done with an cup of tea though. Why isn't there a tea lady selling tea to the people standing in queues. Those bitches are long. The queues that is.

It was pretty interesting handing out How to Vote cards. There were a lot of very young Labor volunteers there handing out their HTV cards which seemed so surprising to me. I was just really shocked by the fact that Labor could inspire that kind of feeling in people. And young people at that. And inspired those kids to make snide remarks about the Greens of all people. I mean I had perfectly nice conversations with those people but the young ones would then make comments to each other about this or that aspect of the Greens. I couldn't figure out if they were dicks or just young but I think it was mostly to do with the latter.

Anyway, what an election result. Or not. I mean, this is a total blue balls result, you can't really feel one way or the other. Even though the coalition will probably win the waiting and fizzing is really a let down.

In other news, Ottolenghi's Instagram feed makes me want a personal feed straight into my mouth. What?

I wish K and I were going to see Blur this July.

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