Monday, July 18, 2016

Hunks on notice (PM)

On Saturday morning Baby said to me "Maybe we should go to Scienceworks." And I said "Yeah we can do that soon." And literally minutes later I looked at Instagram and saw this and it made me question all of my decisions.

But I'm so glad K brought this up. Partly because hunks! What a great way to start the day. But also I've naturally had some thoughts about Tom Hiddleston and Oscar Isaacs myself so I'm grateful for the opportunity to explore these thoughts further.

I didn't even know Hiddleston was going out with TSwift until the weekend but I guess that's because I don't care.

Of course my introduction to Hiddleston was as Loki in The Avengers. But there he just looks like a young, well-groomed version of Severus Snape and as Thor's adopted brother and the bad guy I obviously did not pay him a lot of attention.

Here he is having a great time with Hemsworth on a rooftop somewhere.

And here they are enjoying the paper on a Saturday morning together.

I guess Loki has the section Thor wants to read #brolife

According to his IMDb page I haven't seen most of Hiddleston's other work, my greatest exposure to him being repeated viewings of Tinkerbelle and the Pirate Fairy, in which he voices Captain James but frankly that is not what started me thinking he may be a hunk so I assume it was just exposure to him as a guy about town that made me see past Loki and into the guy that may possibly be a hunk. Probably I saw him on Graham Norton a couple of times or something.

Anyway, I am definitely willing to admit that this guy got a thing and could totally be shortlisted for future hunkvelopment.

As for Oscar Isaac, well the grand tradition of the supremely attractive musician jerk meant that even, or especially, playing super douche Llewyn Davis, his hunk potential was apparent. I think to his detriment is that he is a bit chameleonic. You know like a good actor should be, but not like a hunk should be. But I am definitely interested in seeing where this thing goes.

K is right Oscar Isaac and Tom Hiddleston, you've done some great work to date. Let's see where this thing takes us!


  1. Lots of white guys on your hunk radar. Who is that beautiful Chinese Japanese actor who outdoes them all

    1. Oscar Isaac is from Guatemala. I bet Donald Trump wouldn't call him white.