Sunday, April 3, 2016

Evil internet

All the blogs, the instagram they've just taken coveting to a new level. Fuck 'em. 

As if advertising and marketing and magazines weren't doing enough of that already the Internet came along and just took that shit on some kind of exponential journey where I basically can not see anything on the Internet without feeling like its just there to incite envy and then, often shopping. And that's because it is. On Instagram I follow a bunch of businesses and of course all there posts are ads, they're whole purpose in life is to make you covet something. Fine. And I follow a bunch of bloggers. And of course all there posts are ads in a sense too. For them or for their blogs which in turn are ads for them so they can get lucrative contracts, better advertising on their blogs, sell their books. Or their blogs are about stuff. Stuff you should buy. It's all fucking handcrafted and great quality so you can feel great about yourself when you spend fifty bucks on one mug but the truth is you just want that mug so you can look like the people on the Internet with the beautiful lives and beautiful things. But their lives are just lives, you know with all the shit you put up with, they just have more beautiful things. Or not. Anyone can take a photo that looks like a beautiful Internet life. It looks like they're doing cooler shit too, hell maybe they are but we're alright. 

And yes of course I'm getting so het up about it cause I'm a victim of it and now not only do I have to deal with all the regular shit of life and a surplus of coveting, I also have to deal with this self loathing borne of hating consumption but loving beautiful things. 

Ugh, I'm moving to the country where the surroundings are beautiful and I won't need all the stuff. (Looks like a good idea on the Internet.)

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