Thursday, March 3, 2016

Power baking (PM)

I think what I said to K about post-baby baking is that you just get really efficient. The days of Baby's babyhood were actually the most bake-productive of my life. I used to make biscuits all the time and boy was I efficient at it. I particularly loved these triple ginger biscuits. But I haven't made them in years. Because the thing about having a small baby is that although they are tiring and require a lot of looking after, they do sleep a fair bit and their inability to move means you don't have to clean up constantly after them. Also, you can usually have a cup of tea while you stick them under a mobile or something. I guess what I'm saying is that when have one small baby their nap time is really an enjoyable time in which you could do a number of things. Sometimes boring, sometimes enjoyable, who knows what will happen. Nap times aren't really like that for me now.

Mainly nap times for me now are about combating our ant problem actually. Those little fuckers have totally infiltrated our house. They are everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Clearly I am quite shit at lifing, as if I'd have time for baking. I can barely keep my house in respectable.

PS. Those melting moments look great. I wish I could make biscuits.

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