Thursday, March 24, 2016

Another autumn post (AM)

When K went overseas at Christmas time I loaned her my puffer. Not my pink puffer I bought last year which is totally warm, but not nearly as hardcore as my hardcore puffer, a North Face number I bought in a February in NYC. My serious puffer. My best puffer. My beloved puffer. I knew that once upon a time I put a photograph of it on MSC, so last night I hunted it down. Here it is:

In this picture I'm walking through FAO Schwarz eating red liquorice. May I highly recommend writing a blog, because tracking back through blog posts is awesome.

When K returned it I washed it. Of course. It's a white coat! And as it hung on the line, in the sun, and I lay inside, warm because it was summertime I just thought of my puffer, swaying in the breeze and how soon it would be time for me to wear that puffer and how much joy it would bring me. Last winter, despite owning Whitey and Pinky, both knee-length puffers, I bought a new black puffer. Waist length. I agonised over the purchase for some minutes but in the end I decided that Whitey and Pinky were both pretty full on and sometimes you just want a very warm, not so bulky jacket to throw on. So now I own three puffers. Blacky was a great purchase, I wore him so much last winter and I've even worn him a couple of times this year.

I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that I love puffers. I wouldn't even be surprised if I bought more. I LOVE THEM! But related to that is my love for all things warm and puffy. Like doonas. Oh god I love doonas. In late spring I change over to a summer doona and basically spend the next 4 months fantasising about going back to winter dooney, and finally friends, I think that time is upon us. I can't wait to get rid of this lightweight thing on my bed and snuggle under something serious. Tomorrow I'm going camping and the other night I started thinking about how cold it will probably be at night and how great it will be to be in a sleeping bag or under a doona and feel so warm against the cold. It reminded me of the time at Meredith , I was pregnant with Baby and K and I had an afternoon lie down and we were each in our sleeping bags just loving the shit out of it, imagining what a great life Baby would have when he was born and got to be swaddled all the time. I was just thinking the other night about how I couldn't wait for some self-swaddling this Easter.

I fucking hate being cold. But I love being warm in the cold. It is truly one of life's joys and another reason I effing love autumn!!!

Welcome AUTUMN!!!

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