Monday, February 8, 2016

2016: projections (AM)

Friends! Happy New Year! Apologies for the extended hiatus but us crabs really gotta refuel, ya know!? I hope everyone had a great summer (or winter if you spent it north side. I mean waaaaaay north side). I had a nice summer pretty relaxo, but I gotta tell ya, I'm pretty excited to get this year happening in full effect! 

I love a new year, especially the kind where you don't really what's going to happen. The best thing about starting this year was knowing I was going to quit the job that made me so unhappy. I did that my first week back after the Christmas break. I can not recommend this highly enough if you are miserable in your job. What a great way to start the year! Now I'm freelancing, which is, on the one hand terrifying, but on the other hand totally exciting because part of my plan is to try to find some satisfying and challenging work. And if I fail at that at least I'll be doing boring work at home without travelling miles and feeling resentful. Woot 2016!

Also 2016 is the year Baby starts school. Yet more terrifying and super exciting business. He stared last week and so far it seems a super tiring emotional roller coaster. And that's just for me. Badoom cha! But seriously folks remember school. How it was so much fun and also so horrible. Ugh, I actually can't think about it too much or I might have to take him out for home schooling. It seems equally terrifying and exciting as my new career. But possibly a 5.5-year-old mind interprets it differently. But hey I'm here to talk about me, right?!

Because of my new lifestyle of working from home and having a child at shook five days a week I've also decided to start just doing stuff again, you know, like how Nike tells you to. In 2014 I took up ballet on a whim and because I thought I should just do stuff. But then I ran out of time and money. But now I'm in denial about not having those things so I've totally taken up ballet again. I'm probably at a class right now as you read this! Just do it! I'm just gonna do it all.  Yeah,

2016! Here's to ya!

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