Thursday, April 9, 2015

Maturity (PM)

I guess maturity and feeling like a grown up are two different things. There are some things in my life that really make me feel like I'm a grown up, but not necessarily mature. When I was about 24 I got my own credit card and the first thing I bought with it was a top and when I signed for it I felt really grown up because that was what my parents always did when I was a kid. Bought things with a credit card and signed their names to authorise the purchase. I never used my pin for my credit card, always signed, for that reason of feeling like a grown up. Now you aren't even allowed to sign for a credit card purchase any more. Back to childhood for me! Just jokes, there are other things that make me feel like a grown up. Getting the paper delivered on the weekend is one of them. When I go out to get the paper in the morning it feels like such a great grown up way to start the day. Getting annoyed at Baby for stupid reasons is another thing that makes me feel like an adult, but only in the worst way. Having a dishwasher makes me feel grown up in the best way.

But that is not maturity. I guess some things make me feel mature. Like right now I am on leave without pay from work, which has the defining factor of not supplying me with any income. This, in turn, means I have no money and I feel really mature because I haven't bought any clothes lately and I don't even really have the urge. Except my friend L-bomb has these really hot kicks that I want to buy yet I am resisting that desire and I feel really mature about it.*

I would not have felt mature sitting in a wet tram seat though and being overcome by indecision about what to do. That seems like a classic childhood horror, being in some mildly embarrassing situation but not wanting to change the situation in case it creates a more embarrassing situation. Classic immaturity. But if you think about it, what was getting up going to achieve, K was already wet on the back of her legs, getting up wasn't going to change that. Perhaps she had the maturity to realise nothing was really going to improve the situation. Ipso facto she is a mature woman. WIN!

*I just found out they are now on sale, would buying them make me mature because I was responsible and bought them at a discount price?

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  1. Yes. And being well shod is a sign of maturity. Assuming kicks are shoes