Monday, April 27, 2015

Demonstrated abilities (AM)

There has been some job application writing going on in this house and it's not really fun for anyone. To an extent, you have to be yourself, but really you can't be yourself. If I could be totally honest in a job application I think I'd sound a lot more convincing, I could really demonstrate some of my best qualities and those desired by employers.

If I gave my best answers to the kinds of questions often included in selection criteria or asked in interviews I think I could be quite winning.

Demonstrated ability it solve problems.
I am a critical thinker and believe that gathering as much information as possible and exploring a problem from all angles is the key to solving a problem. One example of this was when I was about to holiday in Newcastle as a teenager and, as this was at the height of what one could call an infatuation* with silverchair and particularly the lead singer, Daniel Johns, I felt positive that I could figure out where he lived if only I looked at the problem the right way. I knew the suburb in which he lived but this wasn't enough of course to find a house. I had seen a sort of documentary where the very front door of his house was shown and in which his neighbour was interviewed. Of course it was only a matter of looking up this neighbour's name in the white pages, as it was, finding that address and checking out the house next door. This was successful and Johns' house was found. Of course it seems so obvious as I say it now, but in fact seeing a full picture is not as easy before the puzzle as been put together.

A demonstrated record of achievement.
By far my greatest achievement at work was winning the Christmas pod decorating competition. For years this competition had been won by the marketing department, who was the only department with unlimited access to the colour printer, they could print whatever they liked and their excess always won the trophy, but one particularly slow Christmas I took victory with my installation, Snowflake Assault. For it, I cut hundreds of snowflakes from paper printed on both sides and ready for recycling and hung them around the pod and stuck them to the walls. Not only did I create a visual masterpiece but I did so in an environmentally conscious way and finally got my name engraved on that trophy.

Demonstrated ability to write clear, engaging communication for a specific audience.
Having written a blog for four years I have honed my writing skills. My audience is very specific, it is my mum, my sister and a few close friends. Positive feedback I have received includes: "Ha! Great post!" and "Your post made me LOL." My copy can also speak to a wider audience, for example Miss Soft Crab's  2012 Oscar coverage garnered international acclaim with a message board on IMDb where several Christian Bale fans exalted our work with such comments as "You have to read this, it's hilarious" and "HAHAHA."

Oh, shit. Now I see my "skills" and "achievements" in writing I see it's not really that convincing at all. Back to the drawing board I guess.

*Others may call it obsession.

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