Thursday, October 23, 2014

Something's blowing in the wind (PM)

Your Mum calls it cabin fever, I call it asking some legitimate questions about what you want to be wearing in the future. But having said that, of course setting some goals is a good idea. And God knows time to one's self is a good idea. And exercise is a great idea! Especially if you want an excuse to get those white leggings!

I've done a couple of Les Mills TM classes in my day, and if my experience is anything to go by, you will find them equal parts annoying, hilarious, difficult and effective. Annoying because a key part of the Les Mill TM experience is the soundtrack. The classes are set to music which is especially prepared for you by Les Mills (' son) and because they are a company that is highly mindful of propriety rights, it's all re-recorded versions of contemporary 'hits'. Imagine a Katie Perry song re-recorded by someone who probably goes by Tatie Ferry and you're somewhere close to the music in  Les Mills class. No payment of royalites for those guys. No sirree. The music is very very annoying. But, it's also the reason that they're so hilarious. And as far as exercise goes, they really do the trick. They are difficult. Which makes them effective. Which closes the circle!

Even though I kind of hate group exercise classes, I'm going to set myself a goal of going to one class next week too. Maybe BodyPump, "the original barbel class that strengthens your entire body". From memory, the soundtrack to that one has a re-recorded version of Sweet Child O Mine.

I'm annoyed already

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