Monday, October 27, 2014

No scrubs 2:0: Or, what it's like to want to eat fish and chips even more than I used to, which was all the time anyway. (AM)

Used to be that the main challenge of my  No Scrubs life was keeping the ear worm that is the song No Scrubs at bay whenever I inspected my hair in the mirror. Now, I've commenced No Scrubs 2.0 and a new challenge has presented itself. 

But first, what is NS2.0 and why have I embarked on it? I'm glad you asked. Basically, though my hair looked about 70% great after four months without shampoo, there were also times when it looked just a little too manky for my liking. It was a line ball, whether I could get away with it or not. But after consulting with J and Legsley one day and confronting my own views on the matter, I finally called that ball 'out'. Truth was my hair looked a little greasy and something needed to be done. That something was what the internet tells me many people who shirk shampoo have done all along: use bi carb soda and apple cider vinegar as a kind of hippy shampoo and conditioner substitute. 
As per Internet instruction, I mixed equal parts bicarbonate soda and water in one bottle, and equal parts apple cider vinegar and water in another. I shook those babies up and proceeded to 'shampoo' and 'condition' my hair like they were a couple of bottles of Pantene.

The results were impressive. That stuff cleans hair as well as any shampoo I have ever used. There is not even a hint of grease on this head now, and it's been three days since I 'washed'. 

Of course, the extreme cleanliness means that the fluffiness I've been trying to eradicate through No scrubs is back. But happily, only a touch, and it subsides each day. 

The real challenge is the fact that I can't smell apple cider vinegar without wanting to eat F&Cs, and for the first day after I commenced NS2.0, that smell was fresh.    It went away after a day or so, thank god. But I think I'm going to have to use the power of bicarb/vinegar sparingly, lest I give in to the temptation caused by the smell radiating off my head. Eww. But also, mmmmm. 

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