Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New seasons resolutions (AM)

I guess to an extent I make resolutions at the start of every season. Probably at the start of autumn and winter I resolve to dress well in the season-appropriate look in which I've imagined myself for weeks leading into the ever colder weather. And of course my resolve weakens into a slump of jeans and the same jumper  after about three days of rain. At the start of spring my resolutions are far more serious. Oh sure I want to commit to looking good in cool colours and red lipstick, wear white shoes, always have smooth legs, but there's more to seasons than the clothes. Even I know that.  

We all now I feel about spring. I love her, but she is one fickle bitch. Here one minute, gone the next. But what am I gonna do? This weather is so beautiful and full of promise and I'm already making my spring resolutions. 

Spring is of course the time when you decide to increase your exercise regime. Partly, I guess, because everyone wants a "summer-ready" "bikini body", right? A magazine told me I wanted one. But it's not just that. It's that the spring air makes you feel happy! Alive! And you want more of that in your lungs, right! Plus more of that sweet serotonin that you've been synthesising in all the sunlight. Check. I have made that resolution. And one day I will act on it!

I have resolved to "slough away dead winter skin" by exfoliating! Eating a delicious Vietnamese egg and salad roll with chilli sauce at lunch yesterday I resolved to make myself delicious salad rolls for lunch at home instead of just eating five peanut butter toasts between the hours of 11 and 2. I decided to make myself green juices with the awesome old, yet incredibly space-consuming juicer I cant bring myself to throw away with all the green things that smell like spring! Mint! Lime! Cucumber! Green!

I've resolved to try and stay on top of the weeding, plant hings, keep them alive!

I guess all this stuff is typical spring resolution material. I'm just another sucker falling for spring's charms. But what are you going to do about it!? Imagine if I do all this stuff, this may just be the best season of the year!

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