Thursday, June 20, 2013

Very German (AM)

On Tuesday it was very warm so we went to the German countryside to frolic by a lake like the Germans do. We took two trains and then rode for 30 minutes through some forest to get there. Just like Germans do!

At one point, there was a woman selling fresh strawberries by the side of the road so we stopped to get some. A kilo for six euro. That's German value for you.

The forest was lush... 

...and the lake crystal clear 
 After about five minutes we saw our first naked Germans bathing in the lake. It was very very German.
We ate the strawberries and drank some beer. Again, very German. 

We took a dip in the lake. While doing so, a duck swam past with three ducklings in tow. No joke. Three fuzzy little ducklings. It was almost too much but we'd had a little whiskey after the beer so were feeling pretty groovy and just accepted it.

After a few hours, we dragged ourselves away and started to head back to Berlin. I only fell of my bike once and that was due to a particularly vigorous tree root protruding from the ground which seemed very German to me. On the way back, the ticket inspector told us off in German, we think because we had accidentally entered the train via the door in the first class carriage. We had already moved to the regular carriage by the time the ticket inspector came along, so I don't  know what she was complaining about. But being told off by a person in a uniform seemed so totally German! It was the icing on the cake of a really super day. 

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