Sunday, June 23, 2013

The best bowl I ever bought (AM)

I didn't want to go on about this to you guys, 'cause, you know, I guess I figure that you don't want to hear about some bowl I bought. Or at least you think you don't. But you guys, this is seriously the BEST bowl I have ever bought. Remember at Easter time how the lady crabs visited Pickle and Minderbinder in the country? Yeah, you do. Pickle cooked fish pie in her Falcon dish. She has a whole set. About a million of them. And they are so nice and simple. A few weeks later I had the idea to make a chocolate self saucing pudding. But you can't just make chocolate pudding for no reason on a Sunday night. Plus, I didn't really have a good dish for it. And then. Then I found this pudding dish for six bucks. Yep, Falcon, the most affordable of enamelwares. A bowl so nice I bought it twice. And a few days later was mother's day and I had an excuse to make pudding!

But this bowl is so much more than a pudding bowl you guys. First, it is adorable. Second it is the perfect size for so many things! Six-person pudding; two-person salad; two-person pasta bake using leftover pasta. A small fruit bowl. Mixing small quantities.

I never knew I could feel this way about a bowl. I mean it's just a bowl. But it does everything. I don't want to worship things or love things. I don't really approve of that. (Even though of course there are heaps of things I feel that way about. We are living in a material world, you know.) I just really never imagined a bowl would make me feel these feelings. I love how simple it is. How versatile it is. I love this bowl, you guys. I wish every bowl in my kitchen could be like this one. There! I said it. Sorry other bowls,. but this bowl is something really special!

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